Weight Loss

Do you feel like you have spent a life time on a diet, only to end up weighing more than ever before? Evidence shows that diets simply don't work. Don't just take my word for it, this article explains how diets actually slow down weight loss.

So what does work? Well, put simply, eating and thinking like a slim person. We've all got that friend who can eat what they like without putting on weight. We may assume they have a fast metabolism or it's in their genes. The truth is much less complicated than that; they just think differently about food. 

My weight management programme has been devised to help you think differently, and to free you from the cycle of dieting. It uses a combination of proven therapy techniques and hypnosis to:
  • End emotional eating
  • Deal with trigger situations
  • Find a space for exercise in your life
  • Make cravings go away without eating
  • Handle self-sabotaging thoughts
  • Lose weight and keep it off for good!
Diets do not work; but together we can help you think and eat like a slim person and look forward to a lifetime of healthy eating whilst gaining control over your life. Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to do this, and this article tells you 10 reasons why. 

During the one to one sessions, tailored to your individual needs I will create a programme to help you find freedom from the cycle of dieting, and the stress and anxiety around eating.  Why not contact me for more information and start your journey to a new, freer you.

Find your freedom from dieting today - Why not contact me  for a free no obligation phone consultation, and begin your new life as a happier, healthier and slimmer you. Call today on 07484 370296 or email linda.mortimer@icloud.com