Hypnotherapy for driving test anxiety

I found driving a stressful thing to learn and was very anxious when it came to my test(s). I passed third time, with nerves definitely getting in the way the first couple of times. I wish I had known about hypnotherapy back then, as I would have definately used it to help me combat my nerves.

Driving test anxiety is like any test anxiety; in some people exams of any sort can cause nerves and anxiety to rise. You may be able to recall how nerve-racking it can be to take any test. Weeks before the exam, you can experience the sensation of butterflies in your stomach. Your palms get sweaty, your hearts race and you fear your memory will let you down. The types of nerves can range from an overall feeling of anxiety about the test in general, to more specific nerves related to a particular manoeuvre required during the test.

The most frustrating thing is it is likely you are a more than capable driver who experiences little or no nerves during your normal driving lessons. After all, your instructor would not have recommended that you book the test if they didn't have faith in your ability to drive.

Hypnotherapy is very effective in helping you overcome your driving test anxiety. We will work together to establish exactly what the fear is based around. Then a more positive outcome can be visualised under hypnosis; focusing on what you want to happen rather than what you don’t. Sometimes it’s the driving test itself that people fear, and we can work to help you overcome your test anxiety and think differently. Along the way you will learn effective coping skills you can use anytime you experience anxiety.


I offer a 4 session package that includes a FREE no obligation phone consultation. The cost is £225 and can be spread out over a number of weeks leading up to a session on the day of your test, or as close as possible.