Group Weight Loss Sessions

Join a weight management group with a difference. There are no good foods or bad foods, no counting points, no obsessing about what you can and can’t eat. Nor are there any reward foods. There is no public weigh in. This weight loss and sustained weight management programme has come from changing the way you think and feel about food, to help end yo-yo dieting and bring about an increased confidence in yourself and your ability to eat healthily and lose weight.

What can I expect during the sessions

The sessions consist of: 
  • Hypnosis, to support with, motivation, maintaining changes, confidence and using your subconscious to support you in this.
  • Specific techniques to manage destructive eating patterns such as snacking, overheating, bingeing, and emotional eating etc.

How long is the programme?

Participating each week, for 5 sessions will give you a range of skills to help you manage your weight and further sessions can be attended to reinforce all the skills and knowledge you obtain. 

How long are the group weight management sessions?

The groups will be approximately one hour per session.

The content will be a mix of all the techniques mentioned earlier and will touch on a mix of issues connected with group weight management. E.g. A session could  include discussion around why we overeat and aspects of motivation towards healthier foods and disinclination towards less health foods, how to break the cycle of emotional eating or boredom eating.

The groups are for 5-8 and the sessions will reflect the needs of the group. This means that you get a whole body approach to weight loss as well as being be able to self focus on your own issues.

What will Hypnosis be like?

In Hypnosis  you can hear my voice, my suggestions and can use these suggestions to support you after the sessions and into your longer term goals.

You may feel totally aware of your surroundings or get absorbed by the calming and relaxing atmosphere during the hypnotic process. 

How much will it cost?

Each group costs £150 for 5 session and there are no further costs involved or products to buy. This includes a weight loss hypnosis recording for you to listen to daily and a personal log to record your positive changes through the weeks.

The sessions are for me to pass on my knowledge and experience to help you learn and practise the skills of managing your weight and to support you at the start of your weight loss journey.

Next group,session is 12th January at 9.30 am.

To book a place on a course please contact me:

Telephone: 07484 370296

An individualised programme is available, tailored to your needs. Please click here to find out more.

please read Tracy's lovely testimony here:

Just want to say thank you for the past 6 weeks I can honestly say your weight loss programme was the best money i have ever spent.  Weight in day - lost a full stone in the 6 weeks since we started the group - exactly my goal.  Inches are going too.I felt so de-motivated when i started - so much so i wondered even if there was any point joining as my mindset at that time was so negative. I have to say eating more healthily has been really effortless - ok i have had the odd treat - but looking back they are quite occasional and i've not felt at all denied.  I feel better, my skin is better and I feel motivated to exercise and do things.   It even gave me the 'kick start' to make other changes to my life, for example, my job which i know i had needed to do for sometime but hadn't had the motivation to bother to do anything about.  it is surprising how one small positive change can lead to another. If you ever need a testimonial etc. don't hesitate to ask or feel free to use what i have written here.  Thanks again and i will keep you updated.  My next goal is to lose another half a stone before my holiday and to start and keep up my exercise classes.

Tracy Weight, August 2017