Anxiety & Stress

We all suffer from stress and anxiety at one stage or another. Sometimes this has come from our professional or personal lives, and we all cope with it differently. Problems occur when we see ourselves as unable to cope with the level of stress we face. This can then impact on both our mental and physical health. 

Anxiety feels very real and very difficult, but it’s ultimately born of irrational fears and thought patterns.

Hypnotherapy can help you leave behind unhelpful behaviours and emotions, and build up your resilience to stress by looking at the skills you need to cope in the future. We can dive deep into the unconscious mind through hypnotherapy to undo self-defeating cycles. Through carefully chosen hypnotic suggestions your mindset can alter from ‘expecting to be anxious’ to ‘expecting to be calm and confident.’ Meaning those ‘calm, confident’ expectations become your new reality.

You can expect to find lasting change after 4-6 sessions, though sometimes it does take a little longer.

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