Anxiety & Stress

We all suffer from stress and anxiety at one time or another. It becomes a problem when we feel unable to cope with the level of stress and anxiety we face. This can then impact on both our mental and physical health. We then go into a negative cycle, with the anxiety getting stronger and stronger and our stress levels getting higher. It doesn't matter how much we tell ourselves that our fears are irrational and we have nothing to worry about, the reality is that we can become overwhelmed. This leads to feelings of stress and anxiety, and depression. 

Hypnotherapy can help you leave this anxiety and feelings of depression behind by creating new postive associations and increasing your confidence in your ability to cope.  Through hypnotherapy we can undo these self-defeating cycles, changing your mindset from ‘expecting to be anxious’ to ‘expecting to be calm and confident.’ Meaning those ‘calm, confident’ expectations become your new reality.

You can expect to find lasting change after 4-6 sessions, though sometimes it does take a little longer.

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