Overcome a phobia

You can have a phobia of almost anything, from flying, to animals or to public speaking. So many people who have phobias have been told to 'just get over it' or that their phobia is 'silly or childish'. These comments are are so unhelpful, and underestimate just how difficult living with a phobia can be.

The most common cause of a phobia is an incident that you may, or may not recall. This will have provoked overwhelmingly powerful emotions that then become intensely linked to some aspect of the incident. Hypnotherapy can break that link, and relieve you of that unwanted anxiety and fear.

Phobias that respond particularly well to hypnotherapy include:
  • Heights
  • Injections, dental
  • Flying and lifts
  • Driving
  • Technology
  • Insects, animals and birds
  • Vomit and illness
This list is only a sample. Hypnotherapy can work on any phobia, breaking the connection between the object or situation, and the debilitating emotions associated with it. You may be surprised to find how quickly hypnotherapy can bring about change. Many people find just a few sessions are all they need.

You no longer need to be held back by your fears. Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to find freedom whatever your phobia may be why not contact me today for your free, no obligation 20 minute phone consultation, and begin your life free from your phobia. Call today on 07484 370296 or email

"Hypnotherapy with Linda helped me overcome my fear of birds. It has changed my life and was a great experience. Thank you Linda"

Kate Mathieson*

*Please note that Linda Mortimer Hypnotherapy does not guarantee the effectiveness of treatment in any individual case. Everyone responds differently to therapy.